About Us

My Cool Cap’s parent company Tepesco is a online business with a mission. Our mission is to raise funds for the World Subud Association (WSA), an international non-profit supporting the goals of the spiritual practice, Subud.

We raise money for WSA by selling a product, My Cool Cap, a baseball hat with reflective properties to keep your head cool. 50% of the profits from sales go to WSA.

Our Team

Our team, in short, is a powerhouse. Decades of entrepreneurial experience, former and current CEOs, and years of expertise in the aerospace industry. Read the biographies below to find out more.


Hanafi Fraval, Board Member

Hanafi Fraval has spent the past 20 years on environment-positive technologies such as novel low-energy building materials and biomass waste-to-energy conversion. Earlier he worked as a business consultant and property developer. As CEO in a London-listed public company in the late 1980s he ran a chain of nursing homes. Earlier, he founded and later sold two high-tech companies. He has a creative approach with strong development expertise and financial abilities.


Simon Curran, Board Member

Simon Curran is the CEO of Noxgear, the brand well known for their innovative safety devices for everyone, and their pets. Simon Curran has a Systems Engineering background having studied Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering at The Ohio State University. After obtaining his Masters in Humanoid Robotics he spent six years leading an R&D group at Moog Aircraft, a Fortune 500 company. In 2012 he launched Noxgear on Kickstarter and within five years helped to grow it into a multi-million dollar success with distribution across five continents.


Susannah Rosenthal, Board Member


Before I was a vice president at Mattel, I was responsible for creating new product ideas for Mattel’s iconic brands, like Barbie. I once asked if I could redesign her. I had only been there a few years but they said, “Okay.”
So I bent her stiff arms so she looked alive in her poses. I gave her a smile and streaked her hair. I found a hot-pink satin jumpsuit for her, and when I presented her to the president and vice presidents I said, “Little girls used to win by pursing their lips and batting their eyes, and now they win by putting their hands on their hips and flashing the biggest smile ever.”
I won the President’s Award for Superstar Barbie and my career took off. I hired some exciting talent with unusual points of view, and we explored adding tech to toys of all kinds. Our new goals were to create the future of fun. I’ve seen ideas grow to million-dollar brands, so I believe in our ability to come up with sustainable businesses/services creating the future of Subud.
With that as my background, I am now currently SES USA Chair. I have been attracted to Subud’s emphasis on identifying talent, developing it by “cleaning our feelings and thoughts” and by having members sustain themselves and their families by creating their livelihood, perhaps even creating something truly new that helps the world. Wow, quite a goal.
I want to help people do that, but how? I believe two tools for exploring these goals are humor and fun. So I wonder, what’s fun got to do with solving world problems?

Raynard von Hahn, Chief Advisor


Raynard von Hahn is a member of Subud Vancouver. He is the president of Capri Management Ltd., a private company that is owned by Subud Vancouver. Capri Management rents the Vancouver Subud Centre from Subud Vancouver and sublets portions of the centre to subtenants. Capri Management pays rent to Subud Vancouver and covers all maintenance, repair and utilities expenses for the centre.

Andrew Morgan, CEO

Andrew Morgan is a web designer, graphic designer, front end developer, teacher, and entrepreneur. He has 10 years of experience building and maintaining complex websites for entrepreneurs, artists, and local business, and teaches middle school children how to make their first websites.


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